QuantiParts offers you OEM parts for classic Wärtsilä engines

The best technical know-how, 24-7 parts services and cost-efficient solutions. QuantiParts is here for you and your engine.


Sell out stock

To ensure the best possible service, engine lifecycle support and spare parts availability, we periodically need to align and balance our warehouse stocks. We are currently in the process of cleaning up some excess stock. This means that you now have the opportunity to buy these parts at highly reduced prices.

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DR0210, F240, SW280,TM410, TM620 A20, AL20, A25, AS25,AT25, S20, S20(U)
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D350, D358, D528, D536, D540, D545, D628, D640, D816 D1822, D2016, D232, D234, D440, D441, D444, D484, D510, D500, D501, D601, D602, D604, D604B, D518, D616, D620, D645


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